All the Essentials for Unified IBMS

Intelligent BMS is Our Core Competence.

Unique software with flexible integration capabilities and superior user experience, versatile controllers with all-inclusive control and monitoring features, sensors, actuators and peripherals – all these are included in our complete IBMS solution.


The Full Solution for Your Buildings.


All your IBMS needs are fully covered with NETIX products.

Controllers for BMS

Our freely programmable Controllers apply the latest technologies and modern design, ensuring advanced controls and versatile functionality in complex control systems. 

Compliant with Standards

Our Controllers are fully BACnet® compliant. Communication is based on the international ISO 16484-5 BACnet® standard. In addition, the Controller has two on-board RS-485 channels for BACnet MS/TP communication.

Flexible Selection of I/O

Several versatile Controller types with flexible I/O points are available to match the exact needs of your project. Controllers can also be easily amended with I/O Expansion Units.

Multiple Applications

Controllers are perfectly suited for any type of sophisticated controls, such as HVAC systems and other process controls. Any demanding application is easy to implement with our versatile Controllers.


NETIX offers the unique Software Platform to integrate all technical systems in the building, creating the unified view for all users. Supporting all the most commonly used protocols, NETIX brings together BMS, GRMS, security and other building systems.

Generic Software Platform

NETIX Software Platform delivers sophisticated yet simple and scalable integration, using the latest technology and cloud based approach to make your operations more efficient and your facilities more secure.

Superior User Experience

It is all about services – and being extremely easy to use, simply using your Internet Browser. We bring you the full benefits of flexible integration, superior user experience and IoT driven services. 

Integrated Systems

The NETIX Software Platform integrates all technical systems in the building to create the unified view for all users. Supporting all the most commonly used protocols, NETIX brings together BMS, GRMS, security and other building systems.

Field Devices

The selection of compliant sensors, actuators, panels, switches and accessories helps you to choose the needed elements for your solution.

System Components

Our selection of sensors, actuators, panels, switches, accessories and other peripherals is easily available to match the exact needs of your project.

Strict Quality Criteria

Our sensors, actuators and peripherals are produced complying with strict prequalification standards and quality assurance methods.

Component Library

We aim to provide the constantly expanding range of field devices and accessories to complement our offering – forming the full IBMS solution with proven quality.